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Lead Registration 

Your account executives suggest leads for coaching by registering them in the lead assessment tool. These leads may be new or already in the middle of a sales cycle.

 Results of the lead assessment are:

  • sales cycle status
  • Completeness of questions answered
  • Identified fields for action
  • Information regarding chance to win and risk

Based on this information, you and your performance coach take a joint decision which leads are eligible for coaching.

Coached Lead Assessment Session

Together with your performance coach you will review execution of the earlier stages of the sales cycle. Among others, two important questions are addressed in this session:

  • What is the current stage of the sales cycle?
  • Is the sales cycle synchronized with the buying cycle?

Once this task is accomplished, the performance coach and account executive can start with the first coaching session.

The goal of lead registration is to decide which of your leads is eligible for coaching.