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Our Process

BPTs’ deal coaching process is based on the theory of the structured sales cycle, as often referenced to in established sales literature. The sales cycle is the sequence of phases that your sales team goes through when selling a software solution, whereas the buying cycle describes the buyer’s journey. For a successful sale, it is very important for your sales teams to align the sales cycle with the purchasing cycle.

BPT’s coaching process follows the sales cycle from the prospect’s perception of the solution until the final decision. Together with our BPT coaches, your sales teams walk through the phases of the sales cycle answering questions, evaluating options and deciding on actions.

Each phase has to achieve a certain level of completeness, to ensure that all necessary topics have been evaluated and nothing is left to chance.

To provide focused and industry specific coaching support for SAP® partners, we have aligned our coaching processes 100% with SAP®. Thus, your account executives find themselves in a familiar environment and do not need to learn new concepts and definitions.