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Presales Coaching


Presales resources and the alignment between presales consultants and sales executives are important success factors in a sales cycle. Presales consultants have the opportunity to enter a sales cycle in a different avenue. They talk to different people at the prospect and have the chance to get additional information based on a relationship of trust with the prospect.

Hence, Presales Coaching focuses on the development and enhancement of capabilities like

Understanding the prospect’s industry and environment

Knowing the pain-points of the prospect

Building a relationship of trust based on competences

Being able to convert the prospect’s requests and ideas as part of the sales strategy together with the account executive

Speaking sales language

Preparing a product demonstration efficiently

Delivering compelling presentations

Showing and positioning the value of the SAP solution

Presales Coaching always takes place in the context of the current sales situation. The focus is on learning, applying and reviewing the implementation of role specific skills in daily work.