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Your Value

We coach tailored to the deal situation and your sales executive’s needs. Thus, we help you realize the most business potential from your opportunities.

Achieve better results in sales

Through our performance focused coaching, we enable your sales teams to progress faster in the sales cycle and to achieve better results. In the case a sales cycle goes out of control, our experienced coaches can help your sales teams move the deal out the critical situation.

Become self-sufficient and motivated

Performance coaching improves your account team’s sales skills and reduces dependency on the sales manager. Feeling better prepared for their daily challenges, your sales people are more committed and satisfied with their jobs.

Allocate your resources better

Providing your account executives with external support helps avoid resource bottlenecks in sales during daily business as well as during peak times.

Onboard new sales staff fast and efficiently

Helping new employees to become productive members of your company requires an efficient onboarding process. Performance coaching supports you in this process by aligning new hires with up-to-date SAP sales methodology while they work on their first deals in your sales organization.

Secure your investment in sales and presales trainings

Post-learning metrics suggest that more than 80% of training impact will be lost within 30 days if not reinforced.

Through coaching on the other hand, you can actively encourage the implementation of training content in daily sales business